South Africa RCG Filing

The South Africa Revenue Service (SARS) requires the filing of certain information for shipments destined to South Africa. The required filing is known as RCG which is an acronym for Reporting of Conveyances and Goods.

The RCG filing is a 24 hour Advance Manifest Rule, all exports to South Africa or transshipments through South African ports. All relevant manifest information must be electronically submitted to South African Customs within 24 hours prior loading of the first container at load port that will transport the goods to or via South Africa.

New mandatory data elements required to be provided include:

Shipper ‐ Name, Address
Consignee ‐ Name, Address
Notify Party‐ Name, Address
Description of Goods/Precise Cargo Description
6‐Digit Harmonized System tariff code

As with any 24‐hour rule, there are specific documentation cut‐off dates that must be met.
Trade Tech's RCG filing solution can ensure compliance with the RCG requirements of the South Africa
Revenue Service.

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